Vietnam has been actively developing its semiconductor industry in recent years, aiming to become a regional hub for semiconductor manufacturing and related technologies. This is part of the country’s broader efforts to diversify its economy and reduce its reliance on traditional industries like textiles and agriculture.

Key points about the semiconductor industry in Vietnam:

Government Initiatives:

The Vietnamese government has been actively supporting the growth of the semiconductor industry. They have introduced various incentives and policies to attract foreign investment and encourage domestic companies to participate in semiconductor manufacturing and research.

Foreign Investment:

Several global semiconductor manufacturers, including Intel and Samsung, have invested in semiconductor manufacturing facilities in Vietnam. For example, Samsung operates a major semiconductor complex in Ho Chi Minh City.

Research and Development:

Vietnam is also investing in research and development (R&D) in the semiconductor sector. This includes fostering collaboration between academic institutions, research centers, and the private sector to promote innovation.

Human Capital:

Developing a skilled workforce is crucial for the semiconductor industry’s success. Vietnam has been working to improve its educational and training programs in electronics and semiconductor-related fields.


To support semiconductor manufacturing, Vietnam has been investing in infrastructure, such as industrial parks and special economic zones, where semiconductor companies can set up their operations.

Supply Chain:

Building a robust semiconductor supply chain is essential. Vietnam has been working on strengthening the local supply chain for semiconductor materials and equipment.


Vietnam aims to become an exporter of semiconductor products, which would contribute significantly to the country’s economy and trade balance.


Despite progress, there are challenges, including the need for further investment in R&D, concerns about intellectual property protection, and competition from other countries with well-established semiconductor industries.

Overall, Vietnam’s semiconductor industry is on a growth trajectory, with the government and international companies actively investing in the sector. The country’s strategic location in Southeast Asia and its commitment to this industry make it a noteworthy player in the global semiconductor landscape.

Top 20 company Semiconductor Vietnam

  1. Samsung Electronics Vietnam: Samsung has a substantial presence in Vietnam
  2. Intel Products Vietnam: Intel has a manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City
  3. FPT Corporation: FPT is a leading Vietnamese technology company involved in various IT and technology-related activities
  4. Semiteq: specializing in thermal processing equipment.
  5. NXP  Vietnam: a company with a presence in Vietnam, particularly in software development and design.
  6. Vina-Mikron: A assembly and test services provider, offering a range of solutions.
  7. ON Semi Vietnam: ON Semi has a facility in Vietnam involved in manufacturing and assembly.
  8. Analog Devices Vietnam: Analog Devices is known for its work in the industry, and it has a presence in Vietnam.
  9. Renesas Electronics Vietnam: Renesas Electronics is a global company with operations in Vietnam, primarily focused on research and development.
  10. STMicroelectronics Vietnam: STMicroelectronics has an office in Ho Chi Minh City, contributing to design and development.
  11. Hanel: Hanel is involved in various technology-related sectors, including manufacturing and design.
  12. Fujitsu Vietnam: Fujitsu is a global technology company with a presence in Vietnam, engaged in related activities.
  13. HBL Vietnam: HBL Vietnam is a semi equipment manufacturer and supplier.
  14. Vinasino: Vinasino is involved in semi packaging and testing services.
  15. Vina Image: Vina Image specializes in semi packaging and testing, particularly for camera module products.
  16. Saigon Silicon Technology: Saigon Silicon Technology is a semi manufacturer and supplier.
  17. VLSI Research Vietnam: VLSI Research is a research and analysis firm focused on the semi industry, with operations in Vietnam.
  18. PTI Vietnam: PTI is a semi equipment manufacturer and service provider.
  19. Unisem Vietnam: Unisem is a semi assembly and test services company with a presence in Vietnam.
  20. First Solar Vietnam: While primarily known for its solar technology, First Solar also works with semi materials and technologies.*Please note that the landscape of the semi industry can change rapidly, and new companies may have entered the market or existing ones may have expanded their operations since my last update. For the most up-to-date information, you should refer to industry reports and official sources related to Vietnam’s semi sector.