SMK Vietnam offers card printing service in Ho Chi Minh;

ID Card, Membership, VIP card, VIIP Card, Student Card, Employee Card, Licences

Blank Cards: White PVC


Standard white blank PVC cards are the most usually used plastic card for ID card and ID badge printing, as well as other applications. Our blank plastic cards come in a regular card size with a 30 mil thickness, and are operating with nearly every plastic card printer. Blank plastic cards are perfect as blank ID cards that can be customized on-site.


A membership card program offers customers motivations and continuous inspiration to take action and make purchases from your business. Plastic Card offers affordable, high quality and custom manufactured plastic membership, club, and identity cards for private clubs, healthcare providers, discount shopping clubs, associations, community groups and many other organizations. A well-designed card not only provides security, but also adds a measure of prestige to any association.

Plastic Card offers photo ID badges and identity cards that can have serial numbering, barcodes, magnetic stripes and signature panels. They may be used by manually checking on entry, or, if magnetically encoded, automatically verified for added security. We use only the finest materials for quality and durability so they will look and work great with continued use – over and over again.


Think for a moment of all the businesses you have seen that are using some kind of a membership program. These businesses aren’t doing this by accident. They are taking advantage of the simple fact that customers are loyal.

A high-quality and functional membership card


Membership cards printed on plastic cards have the following advantages:

  • Sturdiness of the PVC medium: resistant, your membership cards will easily last all season.
  • Customization: you integrate your designs and logo and add the data required: first names and surnames of your members, photos, the card’s validity date, etc. The connection to your database allows you to effortlessly print all your cards.
  • Visual quality: printers print in high resolution, giving your cards a professional finish.
  • Additional features: using the printer encoders, (magnetic strip, contact or contactless chip) and while printing barcodes, you can integrate access management, prepayment, or even promotional offers from partnering stores in your cards.


A stronger brand image

A plastic membership cards give your club or association a modern and dynamic image. Customized using your colors, these cards boost the status of your members and increase their loyalty and feeling of belonging to your club.

With card printers, you can produce your cards instantly, making it incredibly easy to replace a stolen or lost card on site. Your members are given their card straightaway, which increases their satisfaction.


Easy to implement

Card machines are used like standard office printers. Easy to install and use, they don’t need advanced computer skills. With a user-friendly design, they take up very little space and can be easily integrated into your office.